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Reiko Design featured in Aspire Magazine

p 1 600 218x300 Reiko Design featured in Aspire Magazine

WilliamsburgLoft Wide02 20 300x199 Reiko Design featured in Aspire Magazine

We were honored to be part of Aspire Magazine in an article called “Feng Shui Goes Rustic.” You can see several nice images of a Brooklyn Loft we designed, along with my list of common Feng Shui mistakes that are easy to fix.

Or you can get the entire Aspire Digital Magazine HERE.

(FYI, this is an older article that I realized I never posted!)

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Feng Shui Tips for 2016 the Year of the Monkey

IMG 2715 768x1024 Feng Shui Tips for 2016 the Year of the MonkeyH A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

The year of the monkey holds the promise of high energy, exciting new opportunities, and a lot of fun. But along with all that excitement comes the possibility of volatility or instability. Take advantage of potential windfalls and reduce uncertainty by applying some simple Feng Shui to your space.

With each Chinese New Year, there is an annual Feng Shui energy shift that affects all homes and offices. By making minor changes to your environment, you can maximize the stronger area and remedy any weak spots, making your home or office a supportive environment in which to pursue your personal and professional goals.



The North, the Southeast and Southwest sections of your home or office are incredibly strong in 2016. Spend time in these areas to support money, love and creativity.

But be careful of the Northeast, the Northwest, and Center of your space. These areas can be weak for health, possible theft or accidents. See below for simple remedies to improve these areas, and ensure your environment supports you in all areas of life.

MONKEY 639x1024 Feng Shui Tips for 2016 the Year of the Monkey

Below are Nine Feng Shui Tips, corresponding to the eight compass directions, plus the center of the space. Where possible, try to use the suggested element for each area. But if that is impossible or impractical, use the color which corresponds to that element.


Slight chance of illness in 2016. Some obstacles may show up, but ultimately resolution will prevail. Could be good for property, investments, wealth.

REMEDY and strengthen health with METAL. Furnishings made of stainless steel, iron, or brass. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or white.


Strong for growing a business, any sales related work, and receiving honors, fame. A good location for an office.

ENHANCE with living PLANTS or flowers, or images of trees in artwork. Best color is green.


Very good for creative work and gaining fame, a good place to write, paint, sing, etc. Also good for romance – but for those in committed relationships, be careful not to attract a romance with someone outside the relationship.

ENHANCE this area with WATER such as a fountain or images of water. Best colors are blue and black.


This area can be great for money, but money won through very hard work. However, with the suggested element, this area can attract wealth more easily and be a good office location.

REMEDY: Make this space great for abundance by adding EARTH. Items made of crystal, ceramic or stone, or colors tan, brown, yellow or orange.


Extremely strong for wealth, investments, and real estate. It can also be good for single people wishing to meet someone special. A bedroom in this area of the house will be good for romance.

ENHANCE: With FIRE element. Lit candles, a fireplace, images of fire or colors red, hot pink or purple.


This area is weak for creativity and romance in 2016. However, when you apply the remedy it can completely reverse this energy, making it quite strong for people working in the arts, as well as good for relationships.

REMEDY: Add WATER, such as a fountain, aquarium, bowl of water, or images of water in artwork. Best colors are blue or black.


There is a likelihood of theft, arguments, and legal issues. However, like the section noted above, these obstacles can be completely remedied with the right element, making the space quite good for business and money.

REMEDY: Add WATER here, a fountain, aquarium, bowl of fresh water, images of water or colors blue or black.


Strong area for starting a new business, applying for a new job, or getting a promotion at work. Good for increasing money in general. A great office or front door location.

ENHANCE: With METAL items made of brass, steel, iron, copper, etc. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or white.


Take caution here – there is a good chance of accidents or health issues if no remedy is applied. Not a good location for an office. If your bedroom falls in this area, make sure to apply the remedy.

REMEDY: With MOVING METAL, such as a metal clock with a swinging pendulum, a hanging metal mobile, a moving metal sculpture, or a wind chime. Best colors are gold, silver, white or gray.

May the year of the Monkey fill you with enthusiasm, delight, and great abundance!


20160207 082950 Feng Shui Tips for 2016 the Year of the Monkey

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Southampton Beach House Before and After

ReikoDesign light small 683x1024 Southampton Beach House Before and After

I didn’t want to leave the sunlit lounge…

A fun loving Brooklyn couple with a dynamic young daughter purchased a summer house in Southampton, New York and asked us to renovate and design the space to reflect their playful spirit. It was such a delightful project! Here are some before and after pictures of the house…

music after 1024x683 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Music Room – After

music before 2 300x225 Southampton Beach House Before and After

music room looking into lounge – before

Music room: The grand piano came with the house, and the homeowners were excited to teach their daughter how to play. Since they didn’t plan on using the formal dining room, I moved in the piano and turned it into a music room, adding some drama with plum colored walls and a gold lotus shaped light fixture from Currey and Co. In order to bring more light into this dark room, I installed mirrored wallpaper on the ceiling and added French glass doors leading to the sunny living room.

AAA cover lounge 1024x683 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Lounge – After

Lounge: A small nook off of the music room lent itself to a cozy lounge with a Moroccan theme. The pair of sofas from Anthropologie can also double as beds for overflow guests. The best feng shui element for this room is earth, so I used earth tones in the paint, furniture and beautiful velvet pillows (pillows from Kevin O’Brian at ABC Home, coffee table from Made Goods).

game room after 1024x784 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Game Area – After

game room before 300x225 Southampton Beach House Before and After

game area – before

Game Area: The homeowners love all kinds of games, so I turned one end of the living room into a shuffleboard zone. The feng shui reading showed this area would be enhanced by “fire” element, so I added the Philip Jeffries poppy color grass cloth wallpaper and painted the door red.

big shot before sm 300x225 Southampton Beach House Before and After

kitchen before

big shot after 1024x683 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Kitchen – After

Kitchen: The kitchen was in good shape, but needed updating. We added wainscoting to the front of the island and painted it a Farrow & Ball green. Curry and Co. pendants and CB2 leather bar stools make it modern and comfy. The artwork was purchased by my clients during their honeymoon in Bali, so we hung it on the most central wall of the house and used the bright tones as inspiration for colors through the home.

dining after 1024x683 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Dining – After

dining before 300x225 Southampton Beach House Before and After

dining before

Dining Area: Connected to the kitchen was an unused space with wonderful views out to the pool. By changing the swinging glass doors to a sliding door, we created enough room for a dining table and chairs. I installed a concrete floor tile in a funky black and white pattern by Villa Lagoon to bring this area to life. The client’s own Tulip table was paired with Anthropologie chairs and a sea glass chandelier by Ro Sham Beaux to keep the space feeling light and beachy.

Bathroom: In order to make this bathroom more accessible to the pool, we opened the wall between the mud room and the bath and renovated the bathroom with a casual vanity from Restoration Hardware and a round rope mirror from Made Goods. The mosaic tile from Porcelanosa has metallic shades of silver and gold, which were the key feng shui colors for this room. The walls are painted a  pale gray Benjamin Moore color.

lower bath after small 683x1024 Southampton Beach House Before and After

Bathroom – After

lower bath before 225x300 Southampton Beach House Before and After

wall of bathroom – before

Check back soon to see part 2 of this beach house transformation!

pool sm 1024x683 Southampton Beach House Before and After


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