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A Reader’s Question: Feng Shui Doors

I’d like to respond to one of the comments to my last post, “Feng Shui Restaurants”.  Somebody asked the following: “I was interested by your comment that red is not always the best color for your door. Would you mind sharing which other colors are good?” 

Sure! Are you ready for the satisfying, definitive, unambiguous answer:

“It depends on the space.”

Doh!  So sorry, but if you are practicing true, Advanced Feng Shui (known as Flying Star Feng Shui), you simply cannot know the best color for that all-important front door, unless you get a lo pan (Feng Shui compass) reading of the building, cross referenced with the year the space was built.  Any system that automatically determines that the front door must be a certain color is a very rudimentary system of Feng Shui at best.  And the results that come from that kind of Feng Shui are slim to none.

Just to give you a very personal example of this, in 2009 I bought a lovely beach house which had formerly been owned by a practicing Buddhist.  One thing I noticed immediately was the fact that the front door to the house had been painted a deep shade of red (I feel pretty certain that this was a decision made in the name of Feng Shui).  The door looked nice, however when I did the underlying Flying Star calculation for the house, it became apparent that the needed element at the front door was water.  Since the color red represents fire, the former owner had actually placed the exact opposite element in the front door area from what was needed (not surprisingly, water and fire are diametrically opposed in Feng Shui). 

I have subsequently painted the front door a delightful turquoise blue.  Additionally, I have placed a small fountain inside the entryway, and furnished the foyer with a tropical fish welcome mat – all evocative of water element. 

So, you see, there is no across-the-board answer to the question of which color is best for a front door.  Your best bet is to get an Advanced Feng Shui reading of the space, and then make your door color choice accordingly. The right color will ensure that the entrace to your home is truly powerful, and supports you and your family.  

Thanks for your question!


1 LindaK { 08.27.10 at 4:00 pm }

Lovely turquoise blue door Reiko! I would love to see more photos of the beach house … I bet you have done a beautiful job inside and out!

2 Bath Linen { 10.11.12 at 3:19 am }

One of the best blogs I’ve read. Will definitely recommend to others. Good work.

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