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What is “more than just a pretty space”?

This blog seeks to offer a way to use our physical home as a gateway to achieving our dreams. Employing the science of feng shui and the power of visualization, I have innovated a way of infusing the home with the essence of one’s most cherished goals, and allowing the home to bring those goals into fruition. It has happened for me and many others. It can work for you too.

 The structure consists of the Three “I”s:

* Inform

* Infuse

* Improve

First: Inform

The Home Identity Assessment is a fascinating and surprisingly accurate way to use our own home to understand exactly what we think about ourselves.  It also tells us what we believe we can or cannot have in our lives. This information is a crucial first step in creating a new environment in which our dreams can come true.

 Second: Infuse

The Advanced Feng Shui Assessment uncovers the hidden energies – both good and not so good – in our space. This helps us know how the space is supporting (or hindering) us in achieving our goals. Once the Feng Shui is known, we can infuse the space with specific elements to ensure our physical environment is as powerful as possible.

Third: Improve

This final step takes the essence of our dream life and works it directly into our home. Through key sensory cues, strategically inserted throughout the house, we can reinforce the vision of what we want (and reduce the influence of what we don’t want) to great effect.

When all three “I’s” are in place, the result is a home that is in alignment with who we want to be, and the life we want to have. Then, that life can begin to manifest for us.

I look forward to sharing my experiences of the process, and hearing from others who are committed to living a life in harmony with their dreams!


1 Patricia { 08.04.10 at 8:57 pm }

This is so inspiring and exciting that I am motivated to get really conscious about my own living space. Thank you Reiko and I can't wait to read future

2 pk { 08.04.10 at 9:00 pm }

Loved this new blog and hope to read what's ahead. Also love the site and the beautiful photos. Many thanks.

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