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Feng Shui Design Cure: How to hide a bathroom door

Can you find the bathroom in this picture?

As part of  a recent apartment renovation, I was asked to create a dining room out of an area that was almost unusable, because a bathroom door pointed directly into the space.  The door was not only unsightly, it made the small space feel like nothing more than a path to the bath!

I wanted to create an elegant looking dining area, and essentially make the bathroom disappear. The solution: hang a curtain that would hide the bathroom door and create the effect of a solid wall.

This is a simple remedy that anyone can do – the key is to tie it into the design of the space.  The way that I did that was to paint the wall a rich cinnamon color and hang a curtain that matched the color of the wall exactly. This meant that when the curtain is closed, the effect is one of a “solid” wall.  The color of the wall and curtain were selected based on the best Feng Shui colors for the room.

The bathroom is the white door behind the curtain.

I found this silk curtain at Restoration Hardware. I liked the contrasting cream color that peeks out from inside the pleats. I chose a curtain rod that matched the iron hardware on the light fixtures that  I had selected for the over the dining table and the bar. I also painted the walls around the bathroom door the same color as the dining room wall, and placed a light fixture over the bathroom door that tied in with the bar lights. So in rare cases when the curtain is open, it all works together.

My work is often about creating solutions to those aspects of a space that have frustrated clients and drained their energy. (I love finding a way to make a home work –  it’s kind of like solving a puzzle.) In this case, the clients were very happy to finally have a dining room where they could enjoy meals together and entertain friends and family.


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