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Before and After Pics and Feng Shui Tips for using RED in your space

This is a perfect moment to explore the power of designing with red. There is an excitement, a drama, and in Feng Shui, a lot of good energy associated with this color. My clients are often intimidated by the idea of painting a room red, but once it’s done, they usually want more of it!

Here are a few of the ways I’ve used red in my designs, the Feng Shui reason why I chose the color, and why you might want to try it, too.

EXAMPLE 1:  Living Room: Using RED to transform a wasted space into a wonderful place

BEFORE: This area was little more than a storage closet in a cramped downtown apartment.

AFTER: Adding red helped to define the room and turn it into a place that the family now loves to relax and watch tv.

TIP: To ensure that red walls don’t feel overpowering, its good to break them up. I often do this by hanging large artwork, and in this case I added mirrored closet doors to bounce light into the windowless space.

EXAMPLE 2: Retail Store: Using RED to attract money and increase sales

BEFORE: At the Main Beach Surf store in East Hampton, we needed to create a cashier area in what was a “hole in the wall” between two rooms.

AFTER: I used red grass cloth on the walls around the check out counter. Rather than paint the walls red, the natural texture of grass cloth fit with the outdoor feeling of the store.

TIP: Red is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, and placing red around the cash register of a business can enhance sales.

 EXAMPLE 3: Foyer: Using Red to draw good energy into the home

BEFORE: The entrance of this midtown triplex was downright depressing.

AFTER: Painting the front door and walls fire engine red, and adding an exciting light fixture that bounces fun patterns off the walls, energized the foyer. I also added a new powder room door and white marble flooring in the bath to add to the glamour.

TIP: While a personalized Feng Shui home consultation could reveal an even better color for your front door, as a general rule, painting your front door red draws good energy into the house.

I hope this gives you some ideas for using red in your space, and helps you see that far from being overpowering, red can be absolutely empowering. Happy Valentines Day!

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1 Kitchen { 03.18.11 at 5:08 pm }

THis all the picture are look awesome, and Red color is one of the best color for all types of wall and here the entrance door is so colorful with red color.

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