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Feng Shui Tips for 2011 the Year of the Rabbit


Welcome to the year of the Rabbit! Are you ready for a fresh new start? I am! Let’s look at what this year means for you, for your home, and for the world…


To sum up this year in one line: Slow and steady wins the race”

You know the story of the tortoise and the hare who are racing to the finish line? The hare mocks the slow moving turtle and pulls out ahead, only to take a nap and awake to find that the tortoise has crawled across the finish line first.

One moral to the story is that being consistent, even though it might be slow going, is ultimately more beneficial than rushing ahead to “get it done.” This being the year of the Hare, its good to remember the lesson he learns: patience and persistence.

This year is symbolized by the elements Metal and Wood. In general, it is a gentler year than we have recently seen, however in Feng Shui, metal cuts wood, so the Rabbit year can have a spirit of peacefulness with mounting conflict under the surface.

On the world stage, we may see growing disagreements among countries which could lead to problems. Specifically, this energy could lead to attempted assassinations of world leaders, or surprise attacks. (I do not wish this on anyone, and hope that the knowledge of this year’s energy will help people act with patience and compassion.)

The year is strong for issues regarding justice, and could be a year that we see advances in human rights issues.

Here in the US, President Obama is supported by the year of the Rabbit, and we could see this as a year when he is rewarded for his diplomatic efforts.

On Wall Street, the energy of 2011 is slow and steady for growth, with a nice surge during the summer months.  Nothing groundbreaking, but the housing market could see a bump up.


Based on Chinese astrology, the signs that are lucky in this Rabbit year are the Dog, the Pig, and the Goat. If you are one of those signs, its time to push outside of your comfort zone and go for your dream!

(To find out your Chinese Astrology sign, check out this site. )

Those born in the year of the Tiger, Horse, Dog, or Rat may have some exciting romance starting in 2011!

The Rabbit year is a strong year for romance in general. However, it can also lead to unwanted consequences such as affairs or scandals. Be careful.

If you are born in the year of the Rooster or Rat, take extra caution this year to protect your health.


Now let’s look at our homes and offices.  Below are Nine Feng Shui Tips, corresponding to the eight compass directions, plus the center of the space. Where possible, try to use the suggested element for each area. But if that is impossible or impractical, use the color which corresponds to that element. 

(Note: If you have received a personalized Feng Shui consultation from me, please contact me for a personalized 2011 annual update. This will allow you to maximize the power of 2011 in your space!)

EAST area:
This area of your home or office can be difficult for money, or possible theft. This is also not a good area of your home to do construction on in 2011, as it could lead to accidents. Add METAL to improve this area. (Items made of chrome, brass, iron, or stainless steels OR colors gold, silver, grey or white.)

Could be good for romance, creativity and academics this year if you Add WATER such as a fountain, aquarium, OR colors blue or black.) Note, without the water element, it is actually quite weak in these same areas, so get that water running!

SOUTH area:
Weak for health, especially for women. Add METAL to improve this area. (Items made of chrome, brass, iron, or stainless steels OR colors gold, silver, grey or white.)

Good for romance! Add WATER and METAL elements to strengthen further. (See SE and South sections, above, for suggestions.)

WEST area:
A good area for money and career growth. Also strong for romance. Make sure to work or sleep in this area if possible. You can enhance it further by Adding EARTH. (Crystal, stone, ceramic or marble items, or colors orange, yellow, tan or brown)

This area receives the award for Best Feng Shui in 2011! Fantastic for fame and wealth. No remedy is necessary, but could Add EARTH element to promote wealth. (See West section for suggestions).

NORTH area:
This area is mixed, with the possibility of growth, but also problems with legal issues or theft. Remove Water and Add FIRE to protect the good energy of this space. (Fire can be candles or the colors red, fuchsia, or purple.) 

Could be good for money and property, just be careful to avoid high risk investments. No remedy needed. 

CENTER of your space:
Good for business. Add EARTH to enhance. (Crystal, stone, ceramic or marble items, OR colors orange, yellow, tan or brown.)

The above recommendations are general suggestions, and while they can certainly be useful, their effectiveness will be enormously enhanced once they are set in the context of the home or office’s individual Feng Shui reading. I offer customized consultations both in person, and online.  The results that my clients have seen have been quite spectacular – highlighting the power of true Feng Shui.

May the Year of the Rabbit bless you with peace, prosperity and abundant good luck!


1 Patricia Wadzinski { 02.02.11 at 6:41 pm }

I am always impressed byt he general insights and the specificity of personalconsultations with Reiko

2 Reiko { 02.03.11 at 3:18 pm }

Thank you Patricia ~ happy New Year!

3 Vickimgivens { 02.02.11 at 8:12 pm }

Wonderful ideas, going to add some metal and water right away!

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5 Kitchen { 03.18.11 at 5:13 pm }

It sounds great. I was once looking for this a long time. It is fruitful for me. I soon will the advantage of it.

6 Roselg24 { 06.30.11 at 2:17 pm }

I have been told that my sign is an OX however you have not mentioned that sign- has it changed?


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