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Melting Buddha Asian Art Exhibit in NYC

Check this out before it’s too late! If you are in NYC right now, try to see this beautiful installation of a giant Buddha ice sculpture that is returning to its “original essence” (or in other words, melting).

Artist Atta Kim created a 5 1/2 feet tall, 1,300 pound ice sculpture of a seated Buddha which is gradually melting into a pool at the Rubin Museum of Asian Art in Chelsea.  The melting process will take several days.

As the work melts, people are encouraged to take some water from the pool. The artist hopes that people will “continue the cycle of renewal” by using the water to plant a new seedling for the spring.

According to Kim, “Water is the fundamental ingredient of life, and is the fundamental element showing that everything is connected,” Kim said.

I think this is a lovely example of the Water element. Water also represents abundance in Feng Shui, which is why I make sure to incorporate it into every space I design.

Here is the Buddha’s process so far…


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