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Feng Shui the Driveway

The curved driveway of this Hamptons home is hidden by flowers and shrubs.

This weekend I went to an open house here in East Hampton. It was a large, newly built home on the market for a just under $5 million. And while it had all the required bells and whistles for a Hampton’s McMansion, there was one glaring issue that caught my eye: the driveway.

View driving up the street towards the house

Across the street is a road that runs directly towards the house. The driveway of the house lines up with the road, thus making the entrance to the home feel like a continuation of the street. That’s fine for a gas station on a busy highway, but not so good for creating a cozy oasis.

For a Feng Shui Consultant, the road would quickly be addressed by planting tall trees or installing a fence to buffer the presence of the street from the house, and placing the driveway in a different location. In its current configuration, you can look out of the master bedroom window of this house and see a line of cars driving towards you – as if they were heading straight into your bedroom!

No wonder the house has been on the market for over a year. It doesn’t feel safe. (Imagine trying to sleep at night while the headlights bounce around the bedroom….sweet dreams.)

Ideal driveway has a wide curve and allows cars to park parallel to house.

The driveway is a very important aspect of your home’s energy. The ideal driveway is a broad semi-circle, so that cars do not directly drive towards the house, and do not park pointing towards the house. If that is not possible, it’s best to have a slightly curving drive leading to your house. A straight driveway that points directly towards the house is considered a “poison arrow” and should be avoided. If that shape is the only option, then buffer the area between the driveway and the house with tall plantings.

A steep driveway that drops away from the house is weak for money (chi energy can flow away from the property). If you cannot change the pitch, place bright lighting at the bottom of the driveway, and lush plants along either side. These changes will slow the chi from running downhill and help hold energy (and therefore money) in your property.

photo 3

Finally, keep the driveway looking neat and clutter free. Make sure newspapers don’t pile up and the trash cans don’t live out on the curb. Adding colorful flowers and plantings along the drive will draw chi energy, and abundance, towards the house.


1 Margienz { 11.12.11 at 9:36 pm }

thankyou, this was really easy to read. I’d like to know if plants should always be in matching pairs on each side of veranda steps, entrance driveways etc, or as long as there are 2 plants is that OK/  Our sheep ate the leaves off one plant.

2 Reiko Gomez { 12.07.11 at 6:52 pm }

Thank you for your question. No, plants do not need to be in matching pairs. In fact, for best Feng Shui it is good to have 3 or 4 plants together. They can be a mix of plants (hopefully some that your sheep do not find so tasty)!

3 carmen { 01.06.12 at 4:07 pm }

Thank you for this article. Is there a concern with a steep driveway that comes downhill towards the house and right before the house circles and goes back up? For example, a circular driveway but at the base of an extreme downhill and the house is at the bottom.

4 Reiko Gomez { 01.08.12 at 4:42 pm }

Hi Carmen, thank you for your question. In the situation you describe, the chi energy is running downhill, towards the house, very quickly. Imagine that chi energy is like water, and on a steep driveway, that water would rush downward. This can be an unsettling feeling to those in the house. I would also imagine that at night, the headlights of cars coming down the driveway would shine through the house, causing more discomfort.
If the drive way cannot be re-routed, I suggest landscaping the front of the house with bushes, trees, or a fence at least 3-4 feet high. This will help “buffer” the house from the chi flow coming towards it. I would also make sure you have good window treatments to block the glare of headlights. I hope this is helpful.

5 container removals { 07.09.12 at 12:27 am }

Really great to finally find a blog I can relate to. Thoroughly enjoyed the post. Eagerly anticipating what’s coming next.I would never have normally come here to read the blogs but I’m really glad I did. I will definitely be coming back.

6 mirianna { 10.28.12 at 1:51 am }

we live in a cul de sca . At the front of the house our driveway drops  down onto the street. at the back we have a walkway that meansdres down around the lawn which is surrounded by a wooden fence and fruit trees . The walkway is ungated . Since we have been in the house my husband has been made redundant 3 times. His energy levels have been low, we have both suffered major  ill health problems .

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