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Feng Shui Tips for 2014 The Year of the Horse

2014 Horse

Think back three or four years ago…how were things going of you?

Did you feel trapped by the financial crisis that was affecting the entire planet? Did you feel you were spinning your wheels, trying to find a way to get solid footing in a world that was trembling beneath your feet?

Did it reach well beyond your bank account, to your relationships? Did it strain your partnerships, both personal and professional?  How about your health?  Were you just plain exhausted and stressed out?

Now, fast forward today…what has changed?

How is your financial picture? Seeing some improvement? How about your relationships? And health? While none of us can say we have everything perfectly in place and all of our dreams have come true, are things getting better?

While there are always an assortment of reasons why big things change, one factor has definitely been a gradual shift in the world’s Feng Shui.  In the last two years, in particular, the energy has been moving in the right direction.  And…I’ve got good news for you:

2014 is a year glowing with optimism and full of possibilities!

If you play your cards right, you can use the power of this New Year to further financial success, improve love and romance, and strengthen your mind, body and soul. By taking advantage of the energy that is inherent in this year, and that exists within your own home and office, you can maximize all the opportunities that are coming your way. This is where using Feng Shui comes into play.

The power of Feng Shui can be miraculous, but it is not magic. It is actually a series of mathematical calculations that help us understand the energy inherent in our Earth. The reading of the Earth’s energies is often referred to as Geomancy (from the Ancient Greek geōmanteía which translates literally to “foresight by Earth” and is a translation of the Arabic term ilm al-raml, or the “science of the sand”).

Now, let’s look at the energy for 2014:



Each year has its own unique energy that permeates everything. This year’s energy is strong for success and is especially wonderful for creativity, romance, and spiritual growth.

It is fantastic for those people who are involved in the arts, such as writers, painters, dancers, as well as those who are in the film and television industries.

This year also has the potential for starting new loving relationships. In your work, it is strong for achieving financial goals or attracting more attention, which could lead to growing a business or getting a promotion.

Spiritually, this year can be  a wonderful time to delve deeper into forming a strong connection to a higher power, or one’s own personal power. Spiritual practices started this year can have surprisingly beneficial results.

In addition, this is a good year for finance. The economic recovery will continue and the stock market will resume its rise.   It follows then that it is a good time for those who work in the financial field. It is also a strong year for technology and communication industries (those who work with computers, apps and software, as well as public relations, even coaching and public speaking could see success).

However, as those who have worked with me know, wherever there is strength, there is also some weakness. It is the Yin and Yang
of this world.

This year has a stubborn streak. We might find people surprisingly inflexible, and if we are holding tightly to our opinion, arguments could easily happen. We can head off these conflicts by keeping lines of communication open and clear, and by making an effort to see where the other person is coming from.

On the world stage, this year could see difficult global situations with stubbornness amongst leaders, creating tension and lack of forward progress on peace talks and other international agreements.

So while 2014 holds great promise, there are also some potential pitfalls. By knowing the possible challenges, we can protect ourselves and make sure we are not thrown off track on the way to achieving our goals.


To work with these tips, you will want to determine where each compass direction falls in your space. Place the recommended element in each area to strengthen weak areas and enhance strong areas. Try to spend more time in the strong areas, especially while working and sleeping.

EAST: This area is weak for health, as well as accidents, gossip and misunderstandings Stressful for relationships. Be careful of investments or contracts here. Legal problems are possible.

Remedy:  Add “Metal” and “water” elements. A metal fountain would be ideal. Or a metal bowl filled with fresh water, or a picture of water in a metal frame. Good colors are blue, white, gray, black, silver or gold. Avoid “fire” such as candles or the color red.

SOUTHEAST: Strong for romance and creative work such as writing, acting. Also good for sales.  Be careful of unwanted romantic attention, affairs could happen easily here. Also there is a possibility of theft.

To remedy & the weakness and enhance the strengths: Add “Fire” element, such as lit candle, a lamp with a red shade, or the color red, purple or fuchsia in rugs, artwork and accessories.

SOUTH: Very good for money, investments, fame and socializing.

Enhance:  Add “Earth” element, items made of crystal, stone, marble, or ceramic. Best colors are yellow, orange, tan or brown.

SOUTHWEST: While good for fame and money, it is stressful for relationships, especially romantic ones. It is also somewhat weak for health this year.

To enhance the good energy and reduce the bad:  Add “Metal” furnishings and accessories made of brass, iron, stainless steel, chrome or copper. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or gold.

WEST: This area is mixed in 2014, while it is good for power and wealth, there is the possibility of strong competition and arguments. Work can be stressful.

Remedy:  Add  “Water” element. A fountain, fish tank, images of water in artwork, or the colors blue or black. Avoid fire, such as candles or the color red.

rue mag

NORTHWEST: The NW is quite weak for health and success this year. Be very careful of possible accidents or financial setbacks. Not a good office location.

Remedy:  Add “Metal” furnishings and accessories made of brass, iron, stainless steel, chrome or copper. Ideally a “moving” metal feature such as a ceiling fan, wind chime or hanging metal mobile. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or gold.

NORTH: This area can be great for fame, good reputation, and romance. However, it is not a place to do construction in 2014, as there is a chance of accidents. (See the note regarding building a new home or renovating at the end of this section for more information.)

Strengthen by adding:  “Fire” element, such as lit candle, a lamp with a red shade, or the color red, purple or fuchsia in rugs, artwork and accessories.

NORTHEAST:  A wonderful area this year. The NE is good for money, success, growing a business, and fame. It can also be a nice place for starting a relationship. Just be careful of your reputation, as there is chance for gossip.

Enhance with:  “Metal” and “Earth”

“Metal” furnishings and accessories made of metal. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or gold. “Earth” element, items made of crystal, stone, marble, or ceramic. Best colors are yellow, orange, tan or brown.

CENTER: Very nice for creativity, writing, and acting as well as romance and spirituality.  Slight chance of strain on money or investments.

Enhance the good energy and reduce the weakness: Add “Fire” element, such as lit candle, a lamp with a red shade, or the color red, purple or fuchsia in rugs, artwork and accessories.

home construction


Areas to avoid if you build a home or perform a renovation in 2014: This year, the North, Northeast and Northwest have a possibility of accidents or injuries. However, if you must do any construction in these areas this year, place a large metal wind chime between your home and the area where construction is taking place to protect health.


These recommendations should give you a basic framework for your home or office Feng Shui in 2014.  And, of course, if you want an individually focused, advanced Feng Shui reading, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Even when the world is undergoing its own energetic changes, we can create our own positive “Feng Shui microclimate” by having a personally tailored consultation.

May the Year of the Horse fill your life with love, success, and spiritual illumination,



mother and baby horse


1 Vicki Johnson { 01.29.14 at 4:09 pm }

This was Great!

2 Julie { 06.26.14 at 12:09 am }

Very interesting! I wonder however, as I am about to relocate my home office to have more breathing space… considering the Northwest is one of my best locations (gua number 8), and one of two options for me (the other being to remain in the Southeast living room), but one of your least favored area for success this year, which one should prevail?

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