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galbraith and paul headboard fabric

So how do you bring springtime harmony and happiness in your home? Look to the power of nature, in the form of the 5 natural elements of Feng Shui (water, fire, earth, wood and metal). There are beautiful design finds all around us that can do more than just improve your home’s looks – they can actually support you in every area of your life.

Here are my recommendations for fun, budget friendly, design upgrades based on the 5 Feng Shui elements:

Element: Water – helps to attract money and achieve business success

WATER gaiam fountain

 This fountain from Gaiam with brass bells is a winner. Water in a brass bowl (rather than glass or plastic) is doubly powerful. Consider placing this near your front door.

Element: Earth – helps to restore balance and strengthen family relationships

EARTH agate drawer pulls

Custom made agate drawer pulls from Etsy can instantly transform a dresser or bedside table, and promotes sound sleep.

Element: Metal – helps remove obstacles and protect health

METAL chime anthropologie

These unique metal chimes from Anthropologie are ideal, since they can sway with the breeze. In Feng Shui, the most powerful form of metal is “moving” metal. So this would be excellent for supporting health or helping to get through difficulties.  

Element: Wood – promotes creativity and even romance

WOOD gardiners raised garden bed (1)

 Now that the weather is warming up, consider planting a little garden of flowers or veggies. Living plants and flowers symbolize “Wood” in Feng Shui. And this cute garden bed from Gardiners.com has wheels, so it can be easily adjusted to catch the suns rays.

Element: Fire – enhances socializing, festivities, and fame

FIRE cb2 fire pit

 Increase your socializing by having a party around this sleek little fire pit from CB2. And what is more delicious than homemade s’mores?

So while the weather warms and the flowers bloom, with a little Feng Shui, you can rest assured that your sweet abode is nurturing you in every area of your life!

Happy spring!


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