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Add Feng Shui to your Holidays: Tips for harmonious holiday decor

living tree 1

Reduce holiday stress and increase harmony in your home by creating a space where all five elements are present (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood). Here are some fun ways to incorporate the power of these natural elements seamlessly into your décor.

EARTH (associated with feelings of calm and clarity): Bring in the “EARTH” Element by hanging crystal ornaments.


agate tree ornaments


viva terra crystal ornaments

FIRE (associated with socializing and festivities): For “Fire” element you can use something small as a candle, or as large as a roaring fire.

My favorite candles for Christmas are the Frasier Fir candles by Thymes. The smell is just amazing.

thymes frasier fir candles

If you don’t have a fireplace, consider an ethanol fireplace. They create the experience of a real fire in your home, and are zero maintenance.

ethenol fireplace

WOOD (associated with health and growth): For “WOOD” element  consider having a Living Christmas tree!

You can keep it in the pot during the holidays, and then plant it outside where it will continue to thrive! I’ve done this the past few years, and it is so sweet to see them in my yard.

potted tree 3

Here are some tips on using a living/potted tree.

If you are in California, you can even RENT a living tree for the holidays.

METAL (associated with mental and physical strength): The “METAL” element   can be electronics, like a vintage train set that circles the tree.

vintage train set

WATER (associated with peace and abundance): And for “WATER” element  my favorite way to experience water in the winter is: in a Hot Tub!

hot tub

They now make hot tubs in all shapes, sizes and prices. I recently bought one and I use it every day. There is nothing like a relaxing soak at the end of a long day, or when returning home from out in the cold. And I found out you don’t have to use harsh chemicals, there are great organic products to keep your water clean and your body healthy.

Wishing you Happy, Harmonious Holidays!


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