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Year of the Dog Overview

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! A dog year represents intelligence, protection, and loyalty. Since this year is technically an “Earth Dog” year, tendencies towards stubbornness can also dominate. For people with determination, this can be a positive aspect, since the year will be supportive of a “never quit” attitude.

In the political arena, we may see stubbornness manifesting as strong conservative elements resisting change. However, this is likely to lead to rebellious countering forces, demanding balance and equality. Therefore, it will probably be a turbulent year politically, but one that ultimately allows our country, and the world, to clarify what it needs to move forward.

Financially, we may see a setback. There could be an economic crisis or, at the very least, money luck will be up and down. Be very careful with risky speculation, such as cryptocurrencies and other related investments.

On the positive side, because of the intelligence and protection of the dog year, we are likely to see some significant scientific breakthroughs. Most of these developments will help humankind, with major medical progress possible.

All in all, the Year of the Dog is forecast to be a tumultuous time, but one filled with opportunity for advancement. If you apply good Feng Shui remedies, it will help you to come out ahead.

Feng Shui energy and tips for the year 2018


Getting a little more specific about our physical space, this year the Feng Shui energy in the center of our homes and offices is that of Fire. Like all the elements, fire can be positive or negative. A crackling fire in the hearth on a cold winter night is warm and nurturing. But a wind-driven wildfire can cause untold harm to forests, homes and communities.

So, how do you make the most of this year? The key: handle with care. This year can be productive, but it must be approached with caution and preparation. This will mean different things based on the situation, however as a governing principle, do your due diligence. Check documents twice, sleep on an important email before you send it. Weigh all the pros and cons of a big decision before you make it.

Economically, a Fire year can hint at inflation, which affects every home. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Socially, this is a great year for parties and celebrations. Important contacts and powerful connections can come from going out and being seen. It’s a year for getting back in touch with friends from your past.

Feng Shui is based on the different directions of the compass, which corresponds to the energy in your home or workplace. In order to make the most of the following recommendations, try to determine where the various compass directions fall in your space.


This is the weakest area in 2018. There is the potential for legal issues, as well as some health challenges.

Remedy: METAL element. Metal can be made from materials such as brass, chrome, steel or iron. Or colors silver, gold, gray or white.

Metal elements in a dining room designed by Reiko Design

North East

This zone can be good for wealth and real estate, but only if the remedy is added: FIRE.

Remedy: FIRE element. Candles, stove, fireplace, red lamp. Or colors red, purple or fuschia.

Fiery colors in a lounge designed by Reiko Design



The East area can be good for making powerful career moves in 2018, but only if you add the remedy. In this case: WATER.

If you have a door in the East part of your home or office, be careful of possible theft in this area. Place the water element (fountain, etc) near the door.

Remedy: Water element. Such as a fountain, aquarium, images of water in artwork. Or colors blue or black.

Water element in a teen’s room designed by Reiko Design

South East

A great area for all activities! Use this space for career, creativity, and money. Add FIRE element (a red candle, a lamp with a red shade, etc) to take it to the next level.

Enhance with: Fire element. (see NE for suggestions)


A wonderful area for romance. If you have a bedroom in the south, you’re doubly lucky.

Enhance with: Wood element. Such as living plants or flowers, images of forests in artwork, or the color green.

Plant element in a foyer designed by Reiko Design

South West

Good for career and money. Nice area for a desk or home office this year. Especially good for small business owners and freelancers. Enhance with METAL items. Also electronics, which are considered metal.

Enhance with: Metal element (see North for suggestions).


A bit weak for health, and possible legal issues or arguments. Protect health with METAL.

Remedy with: Metal element (see North for suggestions).

North West

Can be good for power, money and raising status this year. Also good for new romance. However, there can be a power struggle or issues with authority figures. Be careful to maintain good relationships with supervisors and others in a position to help you. Enhance power and promote harmony with WATER.

Enhance with: Water element (see East for suggestions).


If you make the above adjustments to your home or office, you will have done a lot to help the Feng Shui energy. Of course, if you would like a more advanced and personalized analysis of your space, please feel free to contact me. I wish you all a wonderful New Year. May the Year of the Dog bring you boundless prosperity, inspiration and joy!





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