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Your Feng Shui Tips for 2019 the Year of the Pig

Dear Friends, I’ve been excited for this year to arrive! In the numeric cycle of Feng Shui, this is an “8” Year, which holds the most auspicious and abundant of all energies…

What does that mean? This year has the potential for great forward motion in all your endeavors. Will it come easily and effortlessly? Not necessarily. But if you work for it, it will come.

In Feng Shui, an “8” year is associated with the element Earth. Specifically, earth in the form of a great mountain, which is ultimately positive. Earth can take many forms. For example, it can be like mud, which feels slow and slogging. Or it can be like solid earth, which serves as a strong foundation for building a grand palace. The earth of this year is steady and still.

This is a big improvement over last year, which was the Fire element. That explosive energy lead to lots of conflict, as well as a record year of destructive forest fires (as I predicted in last year’s tips newsletter). Unfortunately this prophecy hit a bit too close to home for me, as my mother’s lovely house was a victim of the horrific fire in Paradise, California which destroyed the entire town in November 2018. Thankfully, she made it out safely.

This year will be calmer (although that is a relative term, given our political climate) and because of the abundance associated with the “8-Earth” energy, it will gradually prove to be a better financial year for many.

So, how do you make the most of 2019? By launching new endeavors!

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. If you’ve been toying with the idea for a new business, a unique product, or your first book, start the process now. Although at first you might feel like you’re trudging uphill (this is one aspect of the mountain energy) by later in the year, you’ll see your efforts paying off.

Another great way the strength of the mountain serves us this year is in our spiritual practices. This steady stillness of the earth element permeates not only our environment, but also ourselves. Take a little more time to get connected to your inner strength through meditation, yoga, prayer, or whatever practice resonates with you.  From that space of tranquility, clarify your vision for yourself. It could be a life vision or a goal for just the year ahead.

Then, go forward into your days, making choices large and small that support your vision. The energy of this year will help you manifest your dreams in powerful ways.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.”  Tony Robbins

Another way to make the most of this year’s power is to align your physical environment so that it supports your specific goals. For the best results, see the Feng Shui Tips below and apply them to your space…


Each year the feng shui energy on our planet shifts slightly. In order to maximize the best energy and neutralize any weak areas in your space, I offer you these general suggestions for 2019…

To make the most of the tips, determine where each direction falls in your home or office, then place the recommended natural element in that area. Ideally, add the actual element. If you cannot, then add the color that corresponds to that element.

EAST: Good for money. Add Water.   

The East section of the home or office can be very good for generating wealth in 2019 if you add a WATER feature. Possible water features could be a small water fountain, a nice little gold fish in a bowl, or at least a fresh bowl of water with some floating flowers. Best colors in this area are blue and black.

SOUTHEAST: Good for romance. Add Water

You can use this area to attract or strengthen your relationships. If the SE falls in your bedroom, you’re doubly lucky! Adding WATER will support you further. See water suggestions in the East section.

SOUTH: Good for career and positive press. Add Fire

The South section can be strong for business and growing your reputation if you add the FIRE element (a fireplace, lit candles, or the color red, hot pink or purple). If this is your office, just be careful of possible theft and take common sense precautions both in your physical space (have a good lock on your door, etc) and online (update your passwords, etc).

SOUTHWEST: CAUTION – Protect health. Add Moving Metal

This area is particularly weak for heath in 2019. There is a chance of illness or accidents. If your front door or bedroom is in this area, make sure to add the remedy right away. You can protect health by adding MOVING METAL. Some examples are a clock with a swinging metal pendulum. A hanging metal mobile, or a metal wind chime. Also consider adding furnishings and accessories made of metal (chrome, brass, iron, stainless steel, etc.) Good colors are gold, silver, white or gray.

WEST: Good for finance and romance. No remedy needed.

Overall, the West has a wonderful energy for all activities. You can use this space to work, to play, or to be with your sweetheart.  No remedy is needed.

NORTHWEST: Great for power and money. A risk of conflict. Add Earth/Plant.

This is a powerful area. A great space for launching new ventures, requesting money, negotiating contracts, etc. Just keep in mind it is also a highly charged area, so there is the possibility of arguments or push-back from others. Add soothing energy with EARTH and PLANT elements. Earth can be crystals, items made of marble, stone, etc. Plant can be living plant or fresh cut flowers. Good colors are earth tones of tan, brown, orange or yellow and green.

NORTH: Best area for creativity. Good for all artists. Also strong for finding/developing new romance. Add Plant and Water.

This year the North is the strongest zone for all artistic activities (writing, painting, making music, etc.) Enhance it with a WATER element like a fountain (see the East area for ideas) and a PLANT element like living plants and flowers enhance the creative vibes. The best colors are blue and green.

NORTHEAST: Good for investments and real estate. Might be a bit weak for health. Add Metal.

The NE is a mix of energies. It’s a nice area for work around finances, so a great place to trade stocks or research real estate. Just be careful of health. If you find that you feel drained or are getting run down, add some METAL element (furniture or decor made of iron, chrome, brass, stainless steel). Good colors are gold, silver, gray or white.

CENTER: Great for abundance of all kinds. Add Earth or Fire.

The center of your space is particularly auspicious this year. Use it for any or all key activities (work, play, sleep, etc.). The best element here is EARTH or FIRE. Earth can be crystals, items made of marble or stone, and colors tan, brown, orange or yellow. FIRE element can be a fireplace, lit candles, or the color red, hot pink or purple.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.

If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

– Anonymous

Wishing you a productive and prosperous year of the Pig!



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1 Laurie { 02.05.19 at 5:32 pm }

I always look forward to Reiko’s Feng Shui tips for the year. She has helped us achieve success with her suggestions, i.e., after adding a water feature in the space she suggested, a new and prosperous job came our way. It’s also fun to change accessories in the house to help bring new color to old spaces. Thank you, Reiko!!

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