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Government may not be able to get its house in order, but you can! 5 Tips.

white house

I don’t usually get political, but with our capital in chaos it’s time for us to show the politicians how to move forward!

Here are five tips for our government to get back to work, and for you to get a life that works:

1.  “End the Shutdown” – Get the energy in your home and life moving again.

water near door

TIP: Add water near the front door. This is a classic Feng Shui remedy that really works, it generates energy and draws abundance into your home. If you can’t place an actual fountain or aquarium next to the door, consider a fresh bowl of water with floating flowers or at the very least, add artwork with images of water.

 2. “Reach a Compromise” – Balance Yin and Yang to create a harmonious space.

yin and yang room houzz Culligan Abraham ArchitectureTIP:  An equal number of Yin and Yang items will create a comfortable environment that both relaxes and stimulates simultaneously. Look around your house and see how many of these items you have in each room:

  • Yin items:  soft, cozy furnishings like rugs, drapes, pillows, upholstered furniture, and soft lighting.
  • Yang items: hard, shiny, sleek furnishings like glass or marble top tables, stainless steel accessories, polished stone floors, mirrored surfaces, and large windows.
  • Aim for an equal number of each, a little more yin in the bedroom, a little more yang in the office.

3. “Stop the Dysfunction” – Get organized, and Clear the Clutter in your home and office. office -  room lust


TIP: Since this is a daunting task for most of us, I suggest you start with a small, manageable area. Take one drawer of a dresser or desk. I’ve seen miracles happen for myself and my clients by doing this. And once you get started and see results, you often get motivated to do more and more.

4. “Focus on Jobs” – Get a great new job or attract more business.

red lamp 2

TIP: Add a candle or a lamp with a red lampshade in the South area of your home. This “fire” element will generate a good reputation and abundance. If you can write your resume or do your job search from this area, all the better.

5. “Don’t Default”- Ok, I realize this one is a stretch – but “Don’t Default on your Dreams.”


TIP: You have to take action to get results.  The definition of default is: Failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation. When you set up your space with the power of Feng Shui, you make yourself available for amazing new people and opportunities to come into your life, but you need to take positive actions, too. Create a vision statement for what you want in your life, read it daily, get support, and take bite-sized steps towards your goals. In my experience, the combination of good energy and good action is unstoppable.

…better than a politician’s flag lapel pin, a chic red white and blue living room.

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Feng Shui Tips for 2012 The Year of the Dragon

 Welcome to the powerful year of the Dragon!

In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is considered a benevolent creature that brings luck. Dragons symbolize success and happiness, and those born in a Dragon year can be quite uninhibited and free-spirited, trusting that everything will work out for them.  Which it often does. On the opposite side, their free spirit can make them unpredictable, and sometimes a bit quick to anger.  But in general, they are quite generous and enthusiastic.


In the Chinese calendar, this is a “Water Dragon year” and it is represented by the elements Water sitting on Earth. In  the 5 Element Cycle which governs Feng Shui, Earth drains Water and creates an unbalanced relationship. This can create some weakness, though not nearly as much as we saw in 2010 and 2011.

International Issues

Global tensions will lessen somewhat. International conflicts may ratchet down from actual fighting  to angry words and trade embargos. While far from achieving world peace, it is a move in the right direction. Additionally, the economic stress that the world has endured will slowly improve throughout the year, though don’t expect a quick fix. Fire is the element that feeds the financial markets, and fire is not present this year.  Luckily, however, the worst years are behind us.

Political and Social Movements

These elements of Water and Earth can have a positive effect if applied to social changes. This combo can motivate people to form organizations that work to change the status quo and see real reforms. The Occupy Wall Street movement, for example, is an organization which could benefit from this year’s energy. And since it is an election year in the US, a third party presidential candidate could arise, with surprisingly strong support.


Looking at environmental issues, Water and Earth can clash, creating disasters such as tsunamis or earthquakes, which result in flooding (it is interesting to note that 5 of the largest earthquakes on record happened during Dragon years.) And while it happened days before the New Year, I couldn’t help but see the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy as a result of Water and Earth – a luxury ship hitting rock formations submerged in the ocean.  On a more positive note, strong water and earth can be beneficial to the growth of trees and forests, and we could see recovery of natural habitats and stronger environmental protections this year.

All in all, 2012 should be a very exciting year, and while it will contain its fair share of challenges, positive change will ultimately be the result. 


2012 Is Your Year to Speak Up

 One of the key features of the Water Dragon is that it strengthens your ability to communicate and speak strongly for what you believe. This is a great year to “find your voice” and boldly create the life you want.


Now let’s look at your space, and how Feng Shui can help you achieve your personal goals this year. Below are Nine Feng Shui Tips, corresponding to the eight compass directions, plus the center of the space. Where possible, try to use the suggested element for each area. But if that is impossible or impractical, use the color which corresponds to that element. 

(Note: If you have received a Feng Shui consultation from me in the past, please contact me for your personalized 2012 annual update. This will allow you to fully maximize the power of 2012 in your space!) 

EAST area:

Good for academics and romance. Also a good area to increase business.

Be careful of too much romantic attraction (possibly leading to extramarital trysts)

Enhance with FIRE element: candles, a lamp with a red shade, or colors red, purple, or hot pink in artwork, rugs and accessories.


Weak for health this year with a possibility of accidents and obstacles. Avoid using this area if possible

If the Southeast of your house is where you sleep or work, or if it is your front door, be sure to apply the needed remedy. 

Remedy with METAL – ideally moving metal such as a clock with a swinging metal pendulum or a wind chime. Best colors are silver, white, gold and grey. 

 SOUTH area:

This area can be fantastic for romance and can even lead to marriage, but ONLY if you apply the needed remedy.

 Add WOOD element:  living plants or flowers, or the color green.


Stressful for family relationships.  Marriages can feel strained. There is also a possibility of theft, so take common sense precautions (sturdy locks, an alarm system, etc).

 Remedy with FIRE element to promote harmony (see East for recommendations.)

WEST area:

THE BEST LOCATION IN 2012. Make use of this part of your home, it is wonderful for wealth, fame, and breakthroughs of all kinds.

Enhance with EARTH element: items made of crystal, stone, marble or stone, or colors yellow, orange, tan or brown.


A difficult area for relationships, both personal and business. Be careful of minor accidents.

Remedy with WATER element: a water fountain, aquarium or images of water in artwork. Best colors are blue or black. 

 NORTH area:

Possible health issues this year. Be careful and make sure to apply the needed remedy to protect health.

 Remedy: METAL – ideally moving metal. See SW for suggestions.


Good for romance, socializing, fame and wealth. A nice place for all activities.

 Enhance with FIRE element such as candles, or the color red.

 The above recommendations are general suggestions, and while they can certainly be useful, their effectiveness will be enormously enhanced once they are set in the context of the home or office’s individual Feng Shui reading.  I offer advanced consultations both in person, and online to help you take advantage of the great untapped energy in your space.

May the magnificent year of the Dragon uncover a newfound power within you, and may you achieve your greatest goals in the year ahead!

All the best,


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