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Goddess Laxmi

I have chosen to start this blog on my birthday. I see the blog as a birth of sorts, to a part of me that I have wanted to express.

I would like to begin by invoking the grace of the Goddess Lakshmi. This Indian deity embodies beauty, wealth, health and abundance of all kinds. To me, she represents the essence of what I strive to express in my work at Reiko Design. With each client, my goal is to provide them with an environment that will attract to them their highest goals and deepest desires. An abode where Lakshmi would feel welcomed. 

Traditionally, prayers to Lakshmi are made before embarking on a new endeavor, asking for her blessings for a fortuitous outcome. May we all experience the fulfillment of our visions and may our lives be graced by endless abundance.

August 2, 2010   5 Comments