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Feng Shui Bathroom Design Before and After Photos and Tips

In the spirit of Christmas: “I’m dreaming of a white bathroom…

  …not like the one I used to know”

 I just did a renovation of a small NYC bathroom. I hope that by showing you some of the details of the new bath, you will be inspired to perform your own makeover.

What gives this bathroom good Feng Shui?

Well, there are always two levels to Feng Shui design: 1) “big picture” decisions that affect the broader feeling of the space, and 2) the subtler, energetic changes, that have a deeper impact on those who reside there.  In every project I address both. 

Today we will look at the first of those levels.  Specifically, let’s tackle making an inherently small, cramped bathroom feel tall and spacious.  From a Feng Shui point of view this is important, as we want to allow the Chi energy to flow easily and fluidly through the room, not to get pinched off. 

 So, how did I make this bathroom look bigger and taller?

1. I chose a petite tub that had a grand look. The claw foot tub in this bathroom is less than 5’ long. However, it creates the feeling of luxury, while still allowing room for a relatively large vanity with ample storage and surface space.  Also, the fact that some floor space is visible below the tub adds to the sense of openness, and allows the Chi energy to flow freely. 

2. I used an oversized floor tile. These tiles are 18”x36” – not what you would expect in such a small space.  However, by using a big tile and staggering them, it tricks the eye into thinking the room is much larger than it actually is (compare the flooring in the two pictures above, and you will see what I mean!)

3. I went with a clear shower curtain. This was an easy way to open up the feeling of the room. By allowing the eye to “see through” an object in the foreground, an elongating effect is achieved.

4. I hung the shower curtain from the ceiling. Shower curtain rods are often hung a foot or so from the ceiling, and make the ceiling look lower than it is. In this bathroom, I used ceiling mounted track hardware (from a company that makes drapes to separate cubicles or hospital beds).  In order to disguise the shower track a little, I painted the ceiling the same color as the track, metallic silver.

5. I installed a show-stopping light fixture. The black chandelier is a strong focal point that draws the eye up and emphasizes the ceiling height. If you don’t have room for a hanging fixture, you can do the same thing with an exciting flush mount or semi flush mount fixture.

In December posts, I will address several of the other Feng Shui aspects of this bathroom renovation. You can read all about it and see more pictures soon.

But hopefully this already gives you a few things to think about if you are considering your own bathroom renovation.  Remember, using Feng Shui principles, combined with some neat design concepts, you can paint a grand picture even if you are working with a small canvass!  

To be continued…

December 6, 2011   11 Comments