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Feng Shui Kitchen Design: Before and After


Recently I renovated a kitchen in a New York City brownstone, and my primary goal in the job was to bring beauty, light and functionality to a space that was downright oppressive. My clients are cooking buffs, so a dark, cluttered kitchen was a major no-no in their world.  Below are some Before and After shots, to give you a sense of how I tackled the task. 


Before:  Yikes!  Look at that ugly, dark cabinetry, crammed into one corner of the space.  Also, whats the point of that ridiculous soffit? It simply cuts the space, and adds no functionality whatsoever.

After:  Ahhhh…much better. I opened the space up, added several rows of recessed lights, went with warm, blond cabinetry, white ceaserstone surfaces, soft cork flooring along the cooking zone, and vibrant backsplash tiles.  I’m also rather fond of the stainless center island, which doubles as a second prep surface, and a nice spot for a quick breakfast.   


Before:  Uggg!   Just try cooking in this dark, confined space.  With so many black marble surfaces (both countertop and backsplash), combined with the overly-deep cherry uppers and bad lighting…one was inclined to order Chinese takeout five nights a week!

After:  That’s more like it. There is room to breathe. The uppers are the correct depth, and we integrated the TV and home office into the new cabinetry for a consistant look, and maximum clutter control.

While living in NYC always presents some interesting challenges, one should never feel resigned to living in a claustrophobic space.  A well-considered design can work wonders in even the darkest and tightest of quarters.  There is always a place where beauty and functionality can live together happily ever after.

September 17, 2010   16 Comments