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Design Tips for Using Self Adhesive Wallpaper

I used a fun snakeskin print wallpaper on the wall of this bedroom set.

I finally tried it and am happy to report that it really works! Self Adhesive wallpaper is like a giant post-it note for your walls. Easy to put up and take down, with no residue. It’s perfect for your rental home, apartment, a child’s bedroom or any space that you want to design in an easy and non-committal way.

Here is my experience of using removable wallpaper, and some tips for how to make it work for you:

For a recent TV show pilot, I was asked to design two bedroom sets (see post ). I had to use the same room for both sets, and design one right after the other, in the same day.

One of the bedrooms I designed had a deep green painted wall behind the bed and the other had a sexy snakeskin print wallpaper.

Detail of faux snakeskin removable wallpaper.

The bedroom with the snakeskin wall was going to be filmed first, and the bedroom with the green wall second. So the night before the shoot I painted the wall green, and the next morning I covered it with the self adhesive wallpaper and prayed that when I took off the wallpaper, the fresh green paint wouldn’t come off with it!

Dan hangs the snakeskin wallpaper over the green painted wall

My prayers were answered. The wallpaper didn’t leave a trace on the deep green wall, and both sets were completed on schedule.

Hanging Self Adhesive Wallpaper:

1. Measure your wall, then cut your strips of wallpaper, adding a couple of inches to the length (that you can trim off later).

2. Using painters tape (aka “blue tape”) hang the cut wallpaper sheets on the wall and leave them there overnight. Do not remove the backing. This allows the curl in the wallpaper to relax. (For me, this step resulted in easy and secure application.)

3. When ready to affix, start at the top of the wall, removing the backing gradually as you press the paper onto the wall. Use a wallpaper smoothing tool  to remove any air bubbles.

4. Trim the excess paper at the bottom of the wall.

To remove the wallpaper, I started in a bottom corner and pulled very gently. I didn’t have a single problem with the wall paint.

The green bedroom wall after the wallpaper was removed looked perfect.

I loved the self adhesive paper selection at Burke Décor  and plan on using their wood grain papers for an upcoming project. I like the way they used it on a table (picture). The possibilities are really endless!

Fun idea: wood grain self adhesive wallpaper wrapped on a table top.

February 28, 2011   6 Comments