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Feng Shui Tips for 2016 the Year of the Monkey

IMG_2715H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

The year of the monkey holds the promise of high energy, exciting new opportunities, and a lot of fun. But along with all that excitement comes the possibility of volatility or instability. Take advantage of potential windfalls and reduce uncertainty by applying some simple Feng Shui to your space.

With each Chinese New Year, there is an annual Feng Shui energy shift that affects all homes and offices. By making minor changes to your environment, you can maximize the stronger area and remedy any weak spots, making your home or office a supportive environment in which to pursue your personal and professional goals.



The North, the Southeast and Southwest sections of your home or office are incredibly strong in 2016. Spend time in these areas to support money, love and creativity.

But be careful of the Northeast, the Northwest, and Center of your space. These areas can be weak for health, possible theft or accidents. See below for simple remedies to improve these areas, and ensure your environment supports you in all areas of life.


Below are Nine Feng Shui Tips, corresponding to the eight compass directions, plus the center of the space. Where possible, try to use the suggested element for each area. But if that is impossible or impractical, use the color which corresponds to that element.


Slight chance of illness in 2016. Some obstacles may show up, but ultimately resolution will prevail. Could be good for property, investments, wealth.

REMEDY and strengthen health with METAL. Furnishings made of stainless steel, iron, or brass. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or white.


Strong for growing a business, any sales related work, and receiving honors, fame. A good location for an office.

ENHANCE with living PLANTS or flowers, or images of trees in artwork. Best color is green.


Very good for creative work and gaining fame, a good place to write, paint, sing, etc. Also good for romance – but for those in committed relationships, be careful not to attract a romance with someone outside the relationship.

ENHANCE this area with WATER such as a fountain or images of water. Best colors are blue and black.


This area can be great for money, but money won through very hard work. However, with the suggested element, this area can attract wealth more easily and be a good office location.

REMEDY: Make this space great for abundance by adding EARTH. Items made of crystal, ceramic or stone, or colors tan, brown, yellow or orange.


Extremely strong for wealth, investments, and real estate. It can also be good for single people wishing to meet someone special. A bedroom in this area of the house will be good for romance.

ENHANCE: With FIRE element. Lit candles, a fireplace, images of fire or colors red, hot pink or purple.


This area is weak for creativity and romance in 2016. However, when you apply the remedy it can completely reverse this energy, making it quite strong for people working in the arts, as well as good for relationships.

REMEDY: Add WATER, such as a fountain, aquarium, bowl of water, or images of water in artwork. Best colors are blue or black.


There is a likelihood of theft, arguments, and legal issues. However, like the section noted above, these obstacles can be completely remedied with the right element, making the space quite good for business and money.

REMEDY: Add WATER here, a fountain, aquarium, bowl of fresh water, images of water or colors blue or black.


Strong area for starting a new business, applying for a new job, or getting a promotion at work. Good for increasing money in general. A great office or front door location.

ENHANCE: With METAL items made of brass, steel, iron, copper, etc. Best colors are gold, silver, gray or white.


Take caution here – there is a good chance of accidents or health issues if no remedy is applied. Not a good location for an office. If your bedroom falls in this area, make sure to apply the remedy.

REMEDY: With MOVING METAL, such as a metal clock with a swinging pendulum, a hanging metal mobile, a moving metal sculpture, or a wind chime. Best colors are gold, silver, white or gray.

May the year of the Monkey fill you with enthusiasm, delight, and great abundance!



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Happy New Year! Even if you’ve ignored annual Feng Shui tips in the past, 2013 is definitely the year to pay attention. This year you will tangibly experience the effects of the energy around you – whether you do something about it or not!

2013 is a super-charged year. Once every 9 years, the Feng Shui energies return to their primary positions, which means the energy of each direction is doubled. Simply stated, an area in your home or office that is inherently strong becomes stronger, and one that is inherently weak becomes weaker. It is a big year to move ahead…or fall behind.

Flying Star Feng Shui uses the calendar year, along with the directions of the compass, to determine the energy of a space. The result is an energy “grid” that you can overlay on your home or office to determine its stronger and weaker areas. By knowing and working with this information, you can maximize your good luck, while at the same time minimizing any obstacles to reaching your goals.

In a personalized Feng Shui analysis, I do an in-depth, customized reading of your space, and make specific recommendations about how best to arrange it from year to year. But for those who have not received a customized analysis, here are general Feng Shui recommendations which will help you to capitalize on the good energy of 2013, while reducing the weaknesses.

To work with these tips, you will want to determine where each compass direction falls in your space.

THE CENTER: A chance of accidents or illness.
This year the center is very weak. We will need to take extra precautions to protect our health and well being.
Remedy with METAL
 Metal can be furniture, lighting, accessories made of chrome, iron, stainless steel or brass. Ideally, try to add “moving” metal this year, such as a clock with swinging metal pendulum, a metal ceiling fan or standing fan, or a hanging metal mobile
 Best colors are white, silver, gray or gold.
 This will make the area safer, but it will not totally eliminate the weakness.
 Avoid this area for sleeping or working.

EAST: Increased potential of legal issues, or possible theft.
If you have a door in this area, take extra precautions such as a good lock, etc.
Remedy with FIRE
 Fire can be red candles, a fireplace, or a lamp with a red shade.
 Best colors are red, hot pink and purple.
 Adding Fire will make the area stronger for business growth.

SOUTHEAST: Strong for romance, academics, spiritual pursuits and creativity.
This is a great place for a bedroom, study or meditation room.
Strengthen this good energy with WATER
 Water can be a fountain, aquarium, images of water in artwork.
 Best colors are blue or black.

SOUTH: Great for fame, good PR and attracting romance.
A wonderful location for an office, dining room, or bedroom.
Enhance with WOOD
 Living plants and flowers are good “living wood” element.
 Best colors are green and blue.

SOUTHWEST: This area is weak for health and relationships in 2013.
Take care with existing relationships, as things might get stressful.
Remedy with METAL
 Ideally try to add “moving” metal such as a metal clock with swinging pendulum, a metal ceiling fan or standing fan, or a hanging metal mobile.
 This will help sooth the energy, but will not totally change it.
 It would be best if your master bedroom is not located in this area.

WEST: Challenging for business this year.
There is the strong possibility of competition in your workplace. However, there is the chance for big breakthroughs in career as well.
Remedy with WATER
 Water can be a fountain, aquarium, images of water in artwork.
 Best colors are blue or black
 This remedy can help reduce the aggressive energy and support a real breakthrough.

NORHTWEST: This area is doubly good for wealth and power this year.
A great location for an office or front door.
Enhance with WATER (see “West” for suggestions).

NORTH: Strong for all activities, good for romance, fame and wealth.
In general, it is a great space. However, if you are in a committed relationship, be careful of extramarital involvement, as it is strong for attracting other people (wanted or unwanted).
Enhance with METAL
 Accents and accessories in brass, chrome, stainless steel or iron.
 Colors are gray, white, silver or gold

NORTHEAST: Super powerful! This area has the best feng shui energy possible!
Good luck and abundance for all activities – make sure to use this space. One note of caution: there is a slight chance of losing money on risky investments. Be very careful with new ventures.
Remedy and enhance with FIRE
 Candles, a lamp with a red shade, fireplace.
 Best colors are red, fuchsia or purple.

Check back here throughout the month of February for more information about the powerful Year of the Snake.

May these Feng Shui recommendations enhance your life and help you achieve all of your goals!

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A preview of the Year of the Rabbit


Chinese New Year will fall on February 3rd, but since this is a good moment to look at the year ahead, let’s take a peek at what 2011 holds in store. (I will post my annual Feng Shui Tips for the New Year at the end of this month. To see my 2010 Feng Shui Tips click here.)

In general, the year of the Rabbit will be gentler than 2010, the year of the Tiger. We can look forward to some calm on the world stage, and a return to focusing on home and creative pursuits. 

However, beneath the peaceful surface of 2011, there is some tension. The energy of this year is associated with backstabbing. It will be important to be cautions about this in our personal lives, as well as in international politics. Smoldering disagreements could burst into full blown clashes.

On a good note, money will be easier to come by (at least in the first half of the year) and romantic energy is particularly strong. If you are born in the year of the Sheep, the Dog or the Pig, this year could hold great success in wealth and love.

In general, the world situation is looking up (whew…big exhale)! Its time to focus on self improvement and going for those dreams we may have put on the back burner.

Personally, I’m feeling inspired to revisit some of the things I had loved doing years ago, but never fully pursued. As a New Year’s resolution, I’ve scheduled some time each day to take a couple of small actions towards those dreams. I already feel more at peace and in alignment. What do you want to accomplish this year?

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