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Feng Shui Home Staging results in Full Price Sale

A few months ago I was asked to stage a Brooklyn townhouse that my clients wanted to sell. Within 6 weeks of this makeover, I’m happy to report that the house was sold for full asking price! 

Here are some of the ways that I used Feng Shui staging principles to transform the townhouse into a selling machine:

 1. Repaint all the public rooms one calming, and cohesive color.

 In this house I used Benjamin Moore Silver Cloud, a pale gray with blue undertones. In today’s housing market, it seems like pale gray paint colors are very popular with potential buyers.

2. Remove all the clutter and let potential buyers see open space.

I rented an outside storage space and put about one-third of my client’s items in storage.

The result is a space that could boarder on stark. But by adding tactile furnishings and cozy rugs, along with the addition of plants and flowers, I was still able to give the house a feeling of warmth and life. (It’s a big change from what it looked like before.)

Before: the room felt dark and heavy.

 3. Create a “formal” dining room, even if you don’t use it in your daily life.

Potential buyers need to see the place where they could have family meals, celebrate a holiday, etc. Since the owners of this house only had a kitchen table, I purchased an inexpensive Ikea dining table and chairs, and turned one corner of the living room into the “formal dining area.”

 For the kitchen, I added a light and airy table and chairs (also from Ikea) and created a cheerful breakfast room, making sure that the two dining areas looked distinctly different.

Construction tip: I also removed the wallpaper in the kitchen niche. It was pretty, but could distract potential buyers from focusing on the great kitchen.

Before: The kitchen wallpaper, table and chairs were all replaced.

4. The Master Bedroom should be light, bright, pretty…and depersonalized

In this bedroom, I removed the rug to expose the original wood floors. I replaced heavy looking bedside tables with bright (and budget friendly) West Elm tables, and added pretty bed linens.

Construction tip: I altered an oddly placed bump in the wall behind the bed, extending it to perfectly fit the size of the headboard. Now it looks like a deliberate design detail.

Before: the original master bedroom.


5. Baths and kitchens sell homes – but you don’t need a major renovation to make them look great.

In the kid’s bathroom, I replaced a single sink with a sleek double vanity and hung a large mirror above. Just that, and a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, made the bathroom look twice as large.


Before: the kids bathroom

6. Unusual or bold paint colors are not good for home sales. Keep walls simple, and bring in bold accessories.

I loved the deep turquoise walls that had been in this guest room, but when staging the house, I painted the room a pale cream. For a splash of color, I added a red light fixture to tie in with the exciting rug. (The light wall color also makes the room look bigger, always good when selling!)

Before: the guest room with its bold walls

The charming back yard.

7. Feng Shui Colors and Elements for Wealth

By doing an advanced Feng Shui analysis of the house, I was able to see the best colors and natural elements to attract good buyers and a great sale price. It seems to have worked!

 A special thank you to a wonderful Real Estate agent, Phyllis Norton-Towers at Brown Harris Stevens, for her expertise, and her “after” photos.

January 17, 2013   2 Comments

A Feng Shui Wedding


I was recently asked by one of my wonderful clients to plan her wedding. She wanted to incorporate the power of Feng Shui into her special day – how could I say no!  I had never planned a wedding before and didn’t know where to start, so I lead from what I know: Feng Shui. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful, delightful, intimate wedding in her home.

 There are many ways to incorporate good Feng Shui into a wedding, here are some of the things that I did:

 1. Pick the best Wedding Date: I confirmed a strong date using both western and eastern astrology. I also confirmed that it was a good date for the bride and groom, based on their personal Feng Shui.

 2. Best Location for the wedding ceremony: based on the advanced Feng Shui analysis of the space (in this case, their New York City apartment) I determined the strongest area in the space for romance and abundance, and placed the wedding ceremony there.

 3. Best Colors for the wedding: based on the Feng Shui signs of the bride and groom, I recommended colors for their clothing, accessories, wedding party outfits and flowers.

 4. Stage, Decorations and Backdrop: based on the best Feng Shui colors and elements for the bride and groom I created a focal point for the wedding. Here it was yellow, orange and red fresh flowers woven through a golden screen. It was a beautiful, while keeping the space feeling light and open. (Views of the Hudson River could still be seen through the windows behind the screen, which is nice since the water element represents abundance.)

 5. Layout of the space: fitting 50 people into a small NYC apartment is always going to be tricky, so I ensured the layout of the space would create the most positive chi flow. For example, coat racks were placed in the hallway outside of the apartment. Food and bar were arranged to keep the center of the space open for dancing and socializing. Decorations were soft but minimal: white picnic benches for the guests, sheer white draperies hung around the perimeter of the room, rose petals scattered along the aisle.

6. Bride’s Only zone: I created the bride’s chamber, where she and her bridal party (including her young daughter) could dress, have their hair and makeup done, and enjoy those precious moments before the big event.

7. Hire great people who bring their own good energy: While not exactly a Feng Shui tip, I can’t say enough about the team who were involved in this event. Their amazing skill and good attitude added so much to the wedding:

 Hair was done by Once Upon A Bride: Stacey Lyn was fantastic – she created soft, natural, touchable hair

Make Up was done by Sophia at Once Upon A Bride Sophia’s makeup was light and fresh, and it brought out the brides natural beauty

Wedding Photography by Raquel Reis. I think she is simply the best! Raquel’s intimate, gorgeous photos capture the feeling of the day – and each person – like no other wedding photographer I have seen.


 8. Wedding Feng Shui book:

 I was at the Asian Museum last week and came across the Wedding Feng Shui book in their gift shop. I haven’t read it, but I glanced through the chapters and saw that it could be a valuable resource for those wanting to tap the power of Feng Shui for their own wedding. They address some of the same things that I did for my client, including best dates, good colors and symbols, and also explored the brides personality traits based on Chinese astrology. It could be a very valuable tool.

 9. A Feng Shui Consultation of the wedding space: if you are interested in bringing good Feng Shui into your wedding, I recommend that you have a professional Feng Shui consultant do an analysis of the wedding location and help design the layout. (Make sure they practice “flying star” or compass school Feng Shui, which in my experience is the most accurate.) The information that you will receive from a personalized Feng Shui analysis is something that you just can’t get from a book.

10: Have Fun!

All photos courtesy of Raquel Reis Photography

June 25, 2012   1 Comment

Colorful Beach House Project

I’m currently working on the interiors of a charming beach house for a young family who has a love of color. Here is what I’ve pulled together so far…


I think the use of color in this seaside home is wonderful (from New York Spaces magazine).  Since my clients are urban New Yorkers, I think the home should be a relaxed and beachey, but also a little funky and unexpected.

In Feng Shui, the shape of the octagon represents balance. I’d love to use this coffee table from Room Service  in the living room…

 along with a fabulous tufted sofa in burnt orange velvet. (If you are familiar with Feng Shui and want to bring “Earth” element remedy into your home — which is grounding and comforting — this is a perfect color.)

In the dining room (or maybe the screened porch) I’m starting with this fixture from Curry & Co. (The turquoise blue beading represents the “Water” element in Feng Shui – good for abundance.)

                   It would be great over a simple zinc table like this from Home Decorators. (Zinc is a good “Metal” remedy and protects health.)

This festive bamboo dinnerware from Viva Terra  fits beautifully (and in Feng Shui, its a nice “Wood” remedy – health):

For the kids playroom,  I am considering the classic Mah Jong modular seating from Roche Bobois – comfy and cool.

My clients recently had a baby girl, and based on her birthday, her Feng Shui element is “Fire”. Therefore, the best colors for her room are fire-tones of red, purple or hot pink. This bed  is perfect. (Yes its big, but she can grow into it)! 

 For the kids rooms, the eco friendly Indi B kids rugs are so sweet and totally safe:

 I would like to turn a small space at the top of the stairs into a reading nook something like this (by Ann Wolf):

Check back for Part 2 of this project, including colorful outdoor furniture, and great accessories for the bathroom and kitchen.

If you have any “bright” ideas to offer, feel free to share!


May 30, 2012   6 Comments