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Money Making Feng Shui

The 4500 foot long infinity pool on top of Singapore’s newest casino

I came across an article in Monday’s Huffington Post  “Singapore Uses Casinos, Feng Shui And Lucky Dates To Woo Tourists”

Last year Singapore built two massive casinos using Feng Shui design. My favorite is the Marina Bay Sands, shown here. But I was shocked to read that the local feng shui experts are now offering courses to gamblers, giving them tips to win!

The article read “Gamblers are now paying 500 Singapore dollars ($380) for “wealth achievement” sessions – advice on how to beat the casinos where (Feng Shui experts) analyze the date and time of a client’s birth to dole out tips about lucky clothes and the direction to face at a card table.”

I had to ask myself: would I offer gambling advice to clients? While I would not specifically give advice about how to win money, I suppose I could tell a client their best directions and Feng Shui colors to wear to enhance their personal wealth. (I do this all the time in my consultations.) But somehow the idea of seminars for gamblers feels wrong to me. Well, to each his own.

As for the design, I was impressed by the way the Marina Bay Sands incorporated the five elements of Feng Shui. From an article in World Architecture News “The real gem of this exotic construction…is located in its crown. The three vertical towers are topped with an extensive SkyPark, which totes a public observatory, jogging paths, gardens, restaurants and lounges. Basking in the limelight is a stunning 4500 foot infinity pool, from which guests at the hotel can enjoy the breathtaking views over the Singapore skyline.”

It continues “To balance the five elements. its silvery white façade represents metal, while other elements represent fire. Wood is in the landscaping and greenery, while water surrounds it.”

The image above shows the Feng Shui design elements in detail.

Looking at the casino floor, its clear to me that the curved design and swirl motif was an effort to incorporate the Feng Shui water element into the space, since water represents money.

So on second thought, I hope the Feng Shui seminars work well and the gamblers make a few bucks. Because given the amount of positive Feng Shui built into this casino, it looks to me like the casino owners are going to be the big winners.

January 5, 2011   2 Comments