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Feng Shui Color: Orange

photo: houzz.com

In this season of Halloween and autumn leaves, shades of orange come to mind.

In Feng Shui, Orange is a color that represents the Earth element. Depending on the specific Feng Shui reading, Earth can be used to help promote harmonious relationships, or avoid possible accidents. If you have had a Feng Shui consultation with me, you know exactly where you need to add Earth in your space and how it will benefit you.

 Along with orange, other colors that represent the Earth element are yellow, tan and brown. So if you really want to create a powerful “earth” room, add more than one earth color.

photo: J. Asnus

In this little boy’s room, I mixed shades of orange and yellow. Based on his birthday, he is an Earth element, so the colors in this room support sound sleep and good health.

According to the 5-element cycle of Feng Shui, Earth element has a productive relationship with the element Metal. Metal colors are white, gray, silver or gold. For this reason, I especially like mixing orange with white or gray.

photo: R. Gomez

In this Hamptons bedroom, there was not enough space for night stands on either side of the bed. So I built a custom headboard with built in lighting and painted it orange.

The walls are pale yellow. The bedding is kept white. And the bed sits on top of an orange, brown and white Jonathan Adler rug. So here you have Earth and Metal working harmoniously together. This room supports good relationships.

photo: mecoxgarden.com

Orange is a timeless, classic color that also has a lot of energy and freshness. There are not many colors you can say that about.

For some fun ways to incorporate orange into your space:

photo: sanderson.com

This wallpaper from Sanderson has a fantastic mix of pale orange and gray in a retro floral pattern.

photo: flavorpaper.com

This bold graphic design from Flavor Paper has strong orange on a dark chocolate background.

photo: lampsplus.com

A few fun pillows make a big impact. These are from LampsPlus.com.

For a chic pop of orange, you can always add an orange throw – I prefer Hermes!

photo: rdujour.com

October 31, 2011   4 Comments

Feng Shui Bedroom Design


Before – bland and lacking privacy

 After – a romantic retreat with good Feng Shui

 A woman recently contacted me for feng shui interior design services. Her apartment was an exciting triplex in Manhattan with a breathtaking view of the Empire State Building.

Among the areas I was to focus on was feng shui for love. Looking at the bedroom, it was clear that that the space was romantically challenged. The bedroom was in a loft-like area above the living room, with only a half wall separating it from the rest of the space. So basically, her bedroom was on display to everyone who enters the house. This is not good feng shui for love, since a feng shui bedroom is a space that feels romantic, cozy, and private.

However, the client did not want to close off her bedroom from the rest of the space, since it didn’t get much natural light. So my solution was to add a wall of sheer draperies. This accomplished several things: it made the room much more private, while allowing soft light to filter through. It also created a dreamy feeling in the bedroom, which is good love feng shui. Furthermore, as I did the advanced flying star feng shui compass analysis of the home, it was clear that the feng shui cure for her bedroom was the Water element. Based on her home’s specific feng shui (each home is different) water would enhance romance.

Water element can be added by using an actual water feature (such as a fountain or aquarium) or using the colors associated with water, which are blue or black. I decided on a large, custom tufted blue upholsterd headboard to draw romance to the bed!

The finished space feels sexy, cozy, and elegant. Good feng shui is present in the selection of colors, furnishings, even position of the bed. Now, the stage is set for Mr. Right…


Before – view towards bedroom loft

After – view of bedroom is hidden from view

August 9, 2010   9 Comments