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Feng Shui and Japan

My heart and prayers go out to every person in Japan, and those around the world who have loved ones impacted by this disaster.

The situation in Japan is almost beyond comprehension, and yet it is natural to want to make some sense of it. Why did it happen? Some have asked me: Is there a Feng Shui connection?

There are a couple of aspects in this year’s Feng Shui that points to potential problems such as this:

1. The Year of the Rabbit

Each year is symbolized by two elements. This year we have the element Metal sitting on top of Wood. In the 5-element cycle of Feng Shui, Metal cuts Wood. (Not a compatible pair, to say the least.) The global effect of this can be, as I said in my 2011 Feng Shui Tips post “mounting conflict under the surface.”

2. Flying Star Feng Shui

Add to that the advanced Feng Shui “flying star” analysis. Each year there is a shift of energy felt around the world. Some regions receive supportive, auspicious energy, and one area receives a very weak energy. In 2011, the East (including Japan, China, Taiwan, countries in the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii) is the site of the 5 Yellow Lian Zhen Disaster Star.

As you can probably gather, this is the weakest Feng Shui energy, related to obstacles, fires, lawsuits, illness and possible death. Furthermore, the “5 Yellow Star” is the Earth element, and we are seeing the effects of disastrous earth movement in that region.

So the East is a very weak area this year.

On a positive note, 2012 is a 4 Year for the East. This is related to springtime, rebirth, and love. It can’t come soon enough.

In the meantime, we can send our prayers and positive energy, and contribute to the recovery effort.

March 17, 2011   1 Comment