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Feng Shui Design goes on TV

This bedroom from Gossip Girl inspires me. Photo by Jonny Valiant

I was recently hired as a set designer to create room designs for a television show. (The show is still in development and I will share details about the show when I get the ok.) 

 This is my first time doing set design, unless you count the couple of  TV makeover shows I’ve been on. What I’m enjoying about this process is learning what the camera sees and doesn’t see, and how to design the space accordingly. 

 I was specifically asked to create two bedrooms that reflected the personalities of the two female leads. Here is what I came up with: 

Items for my first bedroom set design. A princess vibe.

One character is a very cute, “girly” blond in her mid-20’s. I see her as a Yin person (which is a soft, warm, feminine energy) and I created a look that captures Yin energy (above).  This is achieved with lacey linens, crystal accessories, and a crown canopy of silk drapes that envelopes the bed. 

Items for my second bedroom set design. A more modern look.

The other room is for a hip, modern brunette in her 30’s. I see her as more of a Yang person (strong, assertive, sexy) and created a bedroom look to match (above). The Yang energy is represented by bold graphics in the wallpaper and rug, the crisp bedding, the tailored headboard and accessories in brass and iron.

Set design is also a great lesson in being efficient with both time and money. The budget for this project is not large, and neither is the timeline. I will have to show up on the set and quickly create one bedroom, only to take it apart and create a second bedroom in the same space.  So everything has to be inexpensive, easy to put together, and even easier to take down! 

All the items you see here are from budget online stores like overtsock.com, lampsplus.com, and homedecorators.com. I have a few items from Z Gallerie and West Elm thrown in too. The wallpaper, from Tempaper, is removable and goes on and off as easily as a post it note! You could create either of these bedroom looks for well under $1,000. 

I just wanted to share this and get any feedback from readers (or suggestions if anyone has experience with set design).  I am excited to expand Feng Shui Design into new areas such as set design and think many television programs could use a fresh update and infusion of chi energy (starting with my local newscasts). 

I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far!

January 11, 2011   8 Comments