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Feng Shui Design: 5 Simple Steps to Create the Life You Want

Starting with this...


...can lead to this.

What do you want? What do you love? How does your home reflect that? How can your home help you to attract more of that into your life?  

In my experience of over 10 years working with clients, and experimenting on my own space, I am convinced that our homes can be a mirror of what we love, and a magnet of what we want.  You’ve heard all about The Secret and the amazing work of Abraham-Hicks – Law of Attraction  by now. Well here is an easy, fun, and amazingly powerful way to apply these principles to your home and see real results:  

1. Decide on something that you want to attract (an item, a personal goal, an experience, etc).  

2. Create a vision statement around your goal. Write it out as if it has already happened (“I am so happy that I have —-.” Or “It makes me feel great to have —-.”)  

3. Now, choose an item that represents the thing you want to attract. The item should make you feel good when you look at it. (My item is sea shells. See examples below)  

4. Look around your home and decide how you would like to use that item in your space. Then have some fun integrating it into your home or office.  

5. Read your vision often, and when you see the item in your space, remember what it means to you.  

This is step 3 of my “More than Just a Pretty Space” design philosophy : Improve. This final step takes the essence of our dream life and works it directly into our home. Through key sensory cues, strategically inserted throughout the house, we can reinforce the vision of what we want (and reduce the influence of what we don’t want) to great effect…the result is a home that is in alignment with who we want to be, and the life we want to have. Then, that life can begin to manifest for us.  

For me, my love is the beach. Living at the ocean was a dream of mine for many years, until I finally achieved it. In order to do that, I created a home that felt like a beach house,  even though it was a tiny apartment in NYC (see post).  Now that I live at the beach, I continue to infuse my home by collecting sea shells. My husband and I pick up a few on every beach walk we take, then decorate them and place them around the house (photos). Each time I see one of these golden shells, I am reminded of my new vision: to eventually live in the tropics full time. I feel the joy of being there, and reinforce my belief that this will happen.  

At my front door, a water fountain (a feng shui solution for attracting wealth) is surrounded by seashells, reinforcing my vision of tropical living.

Ganesh is the Indian God believed to remove obstacles. I placed a golden sand dollar at his belly, to represent tropical living and riches.


I recently found the book Sea Shell Chic in a Hamptons bookstore and was inspired to start creating my own shell encrusted designs.  Some of my inspiration pieces are:  

This cafe table I found at Mecox Garden in Southampton.

I love the top, which is made of cut shells set in resin.

The Stella mirror by Made Goods took a natural element and made it glamorous.

This grotto chandelier from Curry and Co is gorgeous!

A client in mine in Los Angeles has a fireplace surround made of shells, which represents her love of Hawaii.

But I think I will start simple, with something like this lovely tissue box from Bella Campagna.

Or a mirror similiar to this lovely Curry and Company piece.

What inspires you? How might you start improving your home by adding elements that reflect your vision for yourself? I will post my creations along the way, and encourage you to share your ideas as well.

Though this technique could be seen as simply playful (or even frivolous), this is a powerful act that can lead to living your vision.  

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.” ~ George Bernard Shaw  

Have fun!  


October 19, 2010   4 Comments